Costa Rica Travel Tips For A First Time Traveller

costa-rica1Have you been drooling over images of pristine beaches in Costa Rica? Well, it is time to turn your wish into reality. With the increase in access to this beautiful Central American country, there has been a steady increase in the number of travellers to this nation. Sir Costa Rica offers the best properties in the country for rent or even for sale. Look no further than to see all the wonderful activities available in Costa Rica along with a list of all the top destinations that you should not miss.

Some tips to jumpstart your dream journey to this beautiful country has been outlined below:
Plan Ahead:
Costa Rica has become a popular destination for many visitors from the US during peak seasons like winter holidays, and even Easter. This leads to rooms and buses selling out weeks ahead, but if you plan ahead and use several transport links, you can make things work even during the rush period.

Organised Tour:
Most savvy travellers turn up their noses at organised tours, but the truth remains that it is one of the most efficient ways to soak in a lot of wonderful experiences without getting lost or worrying about logistics. If you like any particular spot, you can always go back the next day and spend some extra time on it.

Costa Rica is considered to be comparatively more expensive than the other countries in Latin America. Prices of some products are even equivalent to the prices in the UK and the USA. IF you are trying to save money while travelling, keep a lookout for small family run sodas that charge less for wholesome local meals. Travelling during the off season in November is another way to knock the room prices down

Costa Rica is famous for its unpredictable downpours throughout the year. It is prudent to pack waterproof clothing and dry bags for any trips or tours within the country. A clear sky should not be taken at face value, downpours even during the dry season are to be expected here.

Even though most of the locals of Costa Rica can converse quite well in English, it will not harm you to pick up a few phrases in Spanish. It will earn you a warm welcome and even boost your negotiating skills.

Pacific Coast or Caribbean Coast:
If you find the crowds at the beach to be too intense to your liking, you can always head towards the east coast of Costa Rica. The international airport of Liberia is close to it and makes it easily accessible. However, it is a tad more difficult to reach the beaches on the Caribbean Coast as the area is less developed comparatively.

Costa Rica also offers jumping off points for outdoor activities at Monteverde and La Fortuna. Unfortunately, since both these places are far apart, it would be better to choose one that is closer to your accommodation. Since both these places have the same offerings, you will not lose out on too much. The drier climate at Monteverde also gives it a bohemian hilltop charm.

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