Choosing The Best Energy Efficient Replacement Windows In Atlanta

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There is many a gloom and doom prophet that have predicted the rising utility costs that has pushed common citizens of Atlanta to look out for efficient use of the available natural resources. A little advanced preparation can ensure a decent reduction in energy costs, and if done properly and efficiently, it can very well offer a dramatic slash of the same.

A little research by the Department of Energy’s LBA labs show that citizens of Atlanta can save up to 50% of their utility expenses if they can install energy efficient windows for their homes and offices. It is important to choose the right one though. Windows replacement Atlanta can sound easy, however, there are a few things that you need to have in mind, while choosing the best energy efficient windows.

Little time, More Choice
A savvy homeowner will not be able to figure out which one of the energy efficient windows are best from the lot. No one is willing to wait an eternity to get the right window done, hence, here are some points that will help in choosing the best one around.

1. Check for the Energy Star Logo
Always check for the Energy Star logo in the windows that you shop. Energy stars aren’t awarded just like that – the products undergo rigorous tests for performance and energy consumption. Remember that if there is no logo, there is no energy efficiency.

2. Understanding the U Factor
Once you are done checking for the Energy Star logo, check for the ‘overall heat transfer coefficient’ or the U Factor. This is the rating given by the National Fenestration Rating Council. The lesser the U factor, the better is its energy efficiency.

3. Measure your Present Windows
Hire an expert to measure the U Factor of your present windows. This is to ensure that you purchase a window that is better in its energy efficiency than the present one.

4. Get an Estimate
Most companies offer to give estimates for free. Pick a company that you are familiar with or a company that anyone of your friends or family have hired. References always help in choosing one over the other.